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I would like to search for all .xib files in a particular xcode project but I don't know how to do this on xcode. Also, suppose I want to search for a particular file, e.g. Test.h, how do I do this? I know how to do this using linux, but that gives the structure of the filesystem, and not of the xcode project. Thanks!

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In xcode on left pane at the bottom there is a search field, just type xib, it should list all xib files. Same with other type of searches as well.

Place your cursor in this "Filter" with a keyboard shortcut: + + J , or by choosing from the File Menu Edit > Filter > Filter in Navigator

like this

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hey, thanks! i shall accept this answer in approx "6 mins". –  OckhamsRazor Sep 7 '11 at 10:27

Shortcut to search a file + + O

To go to line number in a file use + L

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Type your search keyword in the text field at the very bottom of the Project Navigator pane on the left.File search in Project Navigator

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