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Hi i have a model that has models inside and inside... I need to give view to all of them and reach them in a hirearchy.

A Model
+---B Model
|   |
|   +----C Model
|   |
|   +----C Model
+---D Model

Think that all that models has views and for example when B models render function called i need to call both C models render functions.

So i decided that to create all related views inside models via overriding initialize methods.

So my question is that kind of behaviour is bad for mvc architecture? or it's natural?

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I don't think models should know about views. It ought to be the other way 'round.

The view ought to be able to walk the model hierarchy, not the other way.

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But at the other hand, my number of models are not static. It's changing always. So i think i need to create related view when model is being created. May be i can use signals for them? –  Mirat Can Bayrak Sep 7 '11 at 10:52
You create a collection that holds all C models. Than you create a view of collection which might be an <ul>. Each C model has it's own view which might be a <li>. When model is added or removed from collection you re-render it's view, which renders <ul> adding a <li> for every C model in collection (i.e. creating new C model view and passing C model as param). You sync all that by using events which are property of views. –  Ivan Ivanić Sep 7 '11 at 11:11

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