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Is there already is some sort of clustered system, like some basic kernel+shell that can work across different computers, one I can log in and be in some sort of shared filesystem+resources ?

For example I often am using SSH but also want direct file access to the computer I'm SSH-ing, so what I usually do is using also FTP (since I'm not a vi or emacs user, but that's another matter).

I also thought "what if I login into some special kind of cluster in which I can use the 'write' command".

UNIX is old now, are there systems that already work like that instead of being server-centered, and can they work with internet connections ?

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Yes, this was the point of Plan 9 from Bell Labs. It's old now but you should check out its derivatives like Inferno, Amoeba, OpenSSI and Kerrighed.

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Well I should have thought my question better, my goal was rather some end-user software rather than a kernel. – jokoon Sep 9 '11 at 20:57

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