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I want to apply validation to a text box which stores a 10-digit phone number

How can I validate phone numbers in text boxes in Windows Phone 7?

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If you want use 10 number mobile validation than set in your MaxLength="10" and for phone number only InputScope="TelephoneNumber" this all in XAML side like

<TextBox   Name="txtPhoneNo" Width="310"  Text=""  InputScope="TelephoneNumber" MaxLength="10" KeyDown="txtContactUsPhone_KeyDown" />

Now genrate keydown event of your Textbox and pest bellow code..

private void txtContactUsPhone_KeyDown(object sender, KeyEventArgs e)
            if (System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.IsMatch(e.Key.ToString(), "[0-9]"))
                e.Handled = false;
            else e.Handled = true;

Hope it will help you


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ill refer you to the following link, the question regards how to validate a phone number using a regex, in your case one way would be to use the regex within the setter of the property you are binding for the phone number and throw a ValidationException if it fails, when binding include the ValidatesOnException option


 public string PhoneNumber
    get { return _phoneNumber; }
    set { 
       if (!IsValidPhoneNumber(value))
             throw new ValidationException("Invalid Phone Number");
       _phoneNumber = value;

with a binding expression something like

{Binding PhoneNumber, ValidatesOnException=True}
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How does for example a TextBox react if its binding throws this exception. Will it be red or something? –  Rico Suter Sep 7 '11 at 11:31
Validate phone number which is user input by exception is a bad practice. It's kind of vexing exceptions - no really exceptional situation. I know it is a part of XAML, but I don't like it. I'd rather use bool var. –  lukas Sep 7 '11 at 11:33
@rico yes the control template has built in styling that will show a red border and tooltip with the exception msg. –  almog.ori Sep 7 '11 at 11:40
I believe there's no ValidationException in WP7 (at least not in Mango RC). You'll have to throw your own ones and handle the BindingValidationError event. –  ehnmark Sep 7 '11 at 12:02
@ehnmark you could very well be right, i just used it as an example, but any exception can be thrown... –  almog.ori Sep 7 '11 at 12:04

you can set the Textbox.Maxlength property, and set the input scope to Numbers only.

thank you.

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using System.Text.RegularExpressions;public static bool IsItNumber(string inputvalue){Regex isnumber = new Regex("[^0-9]");return !isnumber.IsMatch(inputvalue);}


public bool Main(string text)


  if ( !Regex.Match(text,@"^[1-9]\d{2}-[1-9]\d{2}-\d{4}$" ).Success )
     return false
  }   else {
return true
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This is gonna be simple. The easy method is to do is, add a eventhandler called "PreviewTextInput" in the textbox.

<TextBox x:Name="txtbox_PhoneNum" PreviewTextInput="txtbox_PhoneNum_PreviewTextInput"/>

In the .cs file,

private void txtbox_PhoneNum_PreviewTextInput(object sender, TextCompositionEventArgs e)
        Regex reg = new Regex("[^0-9]+");
        e.Handled = reg.IsMatch(e.Text);

If the e.Handled is true, you are entering alpha characters and finally you can do filtration by this.

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Tunneling events are not available for Windows Phone. –  Arun Selva Kumar Apr 3 '14 at 15:27

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