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I'm using jquery tools overlay plugin. In the overlay I load a specific url. After the url is loaded in the overlay, how do I get this url from jquery?


My code looks like the jquery overlay open external link example

The reason I want to know the url is because I have some parameters set in there I am trying to access.

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Post your code - it depends how you do it and where you need the URL – Jens Roland Sep 7 '11 at 11:54
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Using the basic code:

// if the function argument is given to overlay,
// it is assumed to be the onBeforeLoad event listener
    mask: 'darkred',
    effect: 'apple',
    onBeforeLoad: function() {

        // grab wrapper element inside content
        var wrap = this.getOverlay().find(".contentWrap");

        // load the page specified in the trigger

        // save the currently-loaded URL as a data field on the wrapper'currenturl',this.getTrigger().attr("href"));

Then all you need to get the URL is this:

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