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I never had such a problem and I'm pretty puzzled:

function delete_post(id) {
  var answer = confirm("Are you sure you want to delete your post? (this action cannot be undone)")

  if (answer) {
      url: "ajax/delete.php",
      beforeSend: function(){ $('#delete_post').show('slow'); },
      success: function(html) { $("#delete_post").html(html); }
  else {}
  return false;

I had a problem on the server side and, after analizing the output with firebug I noticed that the request turns out to be a GET instead of a post! What Am I missing here?

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Oh easy one. The property is type not method:

  url: "ajax/delete.php",
  beforeSend: function() {
  success: function(html) {

Note: from the documentation the method (type) is in uppercase ('GET', 'POST'). I don't actually know if it matters or not however.

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D'oh, I thought it was method and not type.. thank you! –  0plus1 Apr 9 '09 at 8:56

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