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Does anyone know where I could find a list of all publicly available domain endings? By "domain endings", I'm not necessarily referring to TLDs as I'm not interested in the .uk part of .co.uk since (AFAIK) individuals cannot register sites without having the .co preceding it.

If it helps to make things more concrete, here's my specific problem: given a domain name I want to return both the version of the domain preceded by www and the version not preceded by www. The input domain may or may not contain www.

The complication comes from the existence of domain names such as "www.com" or "www.info"; what I initially implemented would take www.info and return info and www.info.

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Why not start with TLDs and add the various national exceptions where applicable? (eg. .co.uk) each country has a different system for these - note also that you can register various other things in the .uk domain besides .co.uk: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.uk#Second-level_domains –  Piskvor Sep 7 '11 at 12:30
My current fix is to have a list of acceptable domain endings and use that to split the domain into that and the part before that. So, yeah, that's essentially what I'm doing, but there's a seemingly endless list of domain ending schemes for each country; as you point out, even the UK has .ac.uk, .co.uk, .gov.uk. What I'm looking for is an authoritative list of these for all countries (or as close to that as possible). –  dmg8 Sep 7 '11 at 12:36
Endless? You call the list of 21 active 2nd level domains for .uk "endless"? AFAIK there is no automated way of finding the list for a given TLD, each country has its own way of managing it - you need to find the authoritative list from each country separately. –  Piskvor Sep 7 '11 at 13:04

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I don't think you actually need to have a list of domain names:

given a domain name I want to return both the version of the domain preceded by www and the version not preceded by www


input name
does it begin with "www."?
  if yes, strip out "www."
there's your domain name, save it
prepend "www." to domain name
save the result
lookup in DNS both the saved entries
if they exist, output them
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But how would you implement does it begin with "www."? Note that just testing for the substring would indicate that www.info (an actual domain name) does, and then strip it leaving you with just .info. –  dmg8 Sep 7 '11 at 12:38
@dmg8: And? It does begin with www.; you didn't say it has to point somewhere. Edited my answer - do a nslookup www.info and nslookup info; one of them will give you a valid result, the other won't. Note that there are *many* sites without a valid record at 2nd level - e.g. example.com` doesn't have a valid record, www.example.com does. –  Piskvor Sep 7 '11 at 13:00

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