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Is there a way to give a whitelist to the module that it would preserve certain tags?

Now markup as below


Stripped with this code

my $hs = HTML::Strip->new();

open FILE, "<test.markup";
my $clean_text = $hs->parse( $raw_html );

Produces output below


However I would like to get with <b> tag whitelisted output below.



Using HTML::StripScripts::Parser

my $hss = HTML::StripScripts::Parser->new(
         Context => 'Inline',
         EscapeFiltered  => 0,
         BanAllBut       => [qw(i b u)],
     strict_comment => 0,
     strict_names   => 0,

$cooked = $hss->filtered_document;
$cooked =~ s/<!--filtered-->//g;
print $cooked; // <b>test</b>
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Reading both the Perl wrapper and the underlying XS code, there's no whitelist capability.

It is possible to add, though not 100% trivial - the code already checks tag names for "strip" tags like <script> and is only 200LOC.

As another approach, RegEx book from O'Reilly has a regular expression recipe that can strip HTML tags (including whitelist capability).

If you'd rather not mess with RegEx, try HTML::StripScripts::Parser - it seems it uses whitelists

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Thanks. I used the HTML::StripScripts::Parser solution. –  ckain Sep 8 '11 at 7:19

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