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I just wrote a tinymce plugin, which has a drop down box. I can increase the size of the select box, by manipulating the CSS file of the advanced theme (the theme I am using). Is there any other way to do it, without changing the CSS? Say in the function of the javascript code that actually creates the select box?

Edit: I did set the max_width property while creating the listbox, in the createListBox function. But it only changes the width of the elements in the dropdown, not the drop down itself :(

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2 Answers

You can always change the css using javascript:

document.getElementById("ATTRIBUTE_ID").style.width = "1000px";

See this SOF link for more details: Change an element's CSS class with JavaScript

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You should have a closer look at the tinymce configuration option editor_css. Using this setting you may configure a css file which will overwrite the default css for the toolbar stuff. This way you don't need to change anything of the core css.

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