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$> gem install multi_json
<Lots of invalid gemspec warnings>
Successfully installed multi_json-1.0.3
$> bundle exec rake gems:install
<Lots of invalid gemspec warnings>
    ERROR: Error installing searchlogic:
           activesupport requires multi_json (~> 1.0)

Using Windows XP Ruby 1.8.7 Rails 2.3.8 Gem 1.8.10


# app
#gem "mysql", "2.7"
gem "sqlite3"
gem "lockfile"
gem "ssl_requirement", "0.1.0"
gem "attr_encrypted", "1.1.2"
# gem "searchlogic", "2.4.28", :require => nil
gem "will_paginate", "2.3.14", :require => nil
gem "paperclip"

gem "garb", "0.7.6"
gem "delayed_job", "2.0.3"
gem "httparty", "0.5.2"

gem "pony", "1.1"
gem "friendly_id", "3.0.6"
gem "stringex", "1.1.0"
gem "i18n", "0.4.2"

gem "sms_fu", "1.1.1"

# gems needed for windows
gem "spruz", "0.2.13", :git => "git://"
gem "json_pure", "~> 1.5.4"

in environment.rb

 require "bundler/setup"
  require "will_paginate"
  config.gem "searchlogic", :version => "2.4.28"  

I've already ran bundle install. It says my bundle is complete!... but it lies... so hard coroe.

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try to install the gems with

bundle install

instead of

bundle exec rake gems:install
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Does that work in a Rails 2.3.8 environment? I have switched long time ago, so I don't know any more ... – mliebelt Sep 7 '11 at 16:15
that's what I did initially. it says my bundle is complete. – NullVoxPopuli Sep 7 '11 at 16:29
@milebelt it works on non-windows machines. – NullVoxPopuli Sep 7 '11 at 16:32

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