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There is a require for individual files like so:

//= require controllers/documents

Is there an equivalent for requiring a directory?

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//= require_tree controllers

By the way, you tagged this as coffeescript, but your question uses JavaScript comment syntax... so for the record, in CoffeeScript you want to use #=, not //=.

Also, this is actually a Sprockets question, not a Rails question. Sprockets is a default in Rails 3.1, but you can use it independently as well. At any rate, the Sprockets page offers documentation aplenty on require, require_tree, and many other handy directives.

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Using this may give a require_tree argument must be a directory error (in my case, using CoffeeScript with Rails 4). Solution is to actually use a path, like #= require_tree ./controllers. See – FeifanZ Dec 26 '13 at 22:24

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