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I'm researching forums for my site and have 3 primary requirements:

  1. Easy to skin. I need to be able to make the forum look like an extension to my site, not like they are going to someone else's site to talk about our company.

  2. Authentication integration. I would prefer forum software that allows me to say yea or nay when someone is trying to log in. Like if someone hits the forum site and is already logged in to the corporate site, it pings a cookie from the corp site to see if the user is auth'd then do some additional verification for security. Or if they are logging in from the forum, that it would redirect to the corp site. Almost like a single sign on thing.

  3. Easily pluggable. We have a badges system implemented on our coporate site, kind of like member flair and I want to make sure to display that in the forums as well so I would like a way to write a plugin (or something) that can pull back specific HTML that can be displayed in various areas throughout the forum (profile area and on each post) to show each users badges.

Does anyone know of any forum options that would fill these needs? I've used some forum software in the past but I have not come across one with these features (or I just didn't know the features were in the forum I was using). I appreciate any help.

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