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How do I read data from a text file in Prolog? Is there any example of file reading in SWI-prolog?

share|improve this question, is a GUI for read SWI prolog files.

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if i save my data in txt file . data : personal(chong,12), how to write prolog program to read it ?can guide me ? – A.C Sep 7 '11 at 14:57

Prolog has a number of input/output predicates, falling into two categories: the new ISO ones or the old ones compatible with Edinburgh and DEC 10 versions. For full details including example code, see the reference manual following above links.

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readfacts:- open('example.txt',read,In), repeat, read_line_to_codes(In,X),writef(" "), writef(X),nl, X=end_of_file,!, nl, close(In).

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