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I want to implement a component like the one in the images below and I want to learn how it's done, but I couldn't search google to find a similar implementation because I couldn't know how to describe this (maybe because English is not my mother tongue).

Can you guys guide me into finding a similar implementation? I already found some coverflow libraries, but this isn't exactly a coverflow implementation. This one magnifies and changes the transparency of the images as the user scrolls.

Thx in advance

enter image description here

enter image description here

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if i came to do this i will do like this

  1. add each image to each UIImageView


    [imageView1 setAlpha:0.3];

    [imageView1 setOpaque:NO];

    [imageView2 setAlpha:0.3];

    [imageView2 setOpaque:NO];

.........like this do for all of them

or simply put this code in function and pass uiimageview

3.then add all UIImageView objects to view from back.

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but the interesting part is the one after these steps –  davsan Sep 8 '11 at 20:23

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