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In my application, I save user preferences and one of the preferences is whether to show any NSMenuItems as buttons in the home window. I don't have problems to create the buttons dynamically, but I can't pass the action of the NSMenuItem to the NSButton. I have already tried:

[newButton setAction:[theItem action]];


I just have to set the target as self

[newButton setTargert:self];

And move the code to the class that send the action to the NSMenuItem

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Check the following:

1.message selector ([theItem action]) is not NULL. for the newButton is set.

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I checked, now i know the problem is that, the button don't recognize the item action. I guess it is because the action of the item is in another object. – Javier Beltrán Sep 8 '11 at 14:14

You will need to set the UIButton instance's target and action properties. This question shows how.

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