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I need to get the public-hostname of an instance to launch the service on reboot. When I use 'ec2-metadata', I don't get the info when I place the call at @reboot in crontab. So what is the way I should solve the problem in question? Thank you.

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You might need to wait a bit before the hostname becomes available after reboot. So either run the ec2-metadata command later in the bootup sequence after network interfaces have stabilised, or sleep until it returns something useful

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The proper solution is not to use cron, but rather place the script in /etc/profile.d

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Assuming Ubuntu for OS.

I would try hooking it into the network-manager start event.

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You can create a shell script with this command


That will store your ec2's public hostname inside the $publicdns variable. Then you can also have the script run whatever commands you need run. Schedule the script to run @reboot with cron.

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In a terminal, type this to get the public ip address

curl ifconfig.me
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