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I don't have a good way to test what's happening in the Poll area on this page in Firefox on OSX - hoping someone here could help. :)

Look in the left column, gray box "Vote on a video topic" area:

From screenshots, this looks like maybe that one label is being given scrollbars (?). I've tried setting overflow: auto, hidden, etc and none of that worked. Any ideas on what this is and what's causing it?

Again, this only happens in Firefox / OS X. Thanks so much!

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Yep a scrollbar is appearing on the li "What is training like at Rackspace?". Adding overflow:hidden to this line fixed it for me in FF3.6 and FF6.0.2 on Mac:

.wp-polls ul li, .wp-polls-ul li, .wp-polls-ans ul li{overflow:hidden}
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Thanks so much!! Worked perfectly. – Michelle Sep 8 '11 at 15:09

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