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On this MSDN article you can see (at the end of the page) that caching features are not supported on production environments for worgroups.

What's exaclty not supported? I mean, if you can set it up for workgroups on a test environment it means that is possible. I'm not sure if it's not recommended or some features won't be available.

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only supported is unclear, it could mean it won't work but since it works in development and test I would imagine it would also work in prod but being unsupported if you have a problem MS does not care/help/mind.

In general I would say, do you know any Windows server based production environment where servers are in a workgroup without AD enabled!? I have never seen this.

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Yeah, I know one. The one where I'm supposed to deploy appfabric :) –  Claudio Redi Sep 7 '11 at 16:16

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