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I know that many startups which are web-based have scalability issues when they are beginning to have a broader user base.

I have an idea which is about setting up a social website, and would like to plan in advance on the scalability issue. What can I do in advance? I would like to have the infrastructure to be designed well as early as possible as I know that things are difficult to be changed once other things are built upon them.

So basically, it's a social web-app, u can think of something like Tweeter, that users can add comments/message to an existing thread, so most of it will be record insertions, basically not much records-updating.

Also, needless to say, it is kind of having a AJAX frontend, much like Facebook.

Also, is it possible to make use of web hosting? like managed hosting? is it able to handle like 1 million uniques per month (thinking big here)? If it is so it's good news and I think it worths the money and that it kinda get rid of the risks and efforts.

Thanks for your help!

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for your hosting needs, look at Amazon cloud services. For your web app design needs, look at a book like "The Art of Scalability" by Martin Abbott and Michael Fisher.

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