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I have an Rails 3.1 app with a parent object Mom and child object Kid. The scaffolds were as far as possible generated rather than hand-coded. In /app/views/kids/_kid.html.erb I added

<%= mom_kid_path(kid) %>

For a Mom with id 1 and a Kid with id 2 this is showing /moms/2/kids/1, which has the ids the wrong way round.

All I have in /config/routes.rb is

resources :moms do
  resources :kids

What did I do wrong?

The code for the app is at The exact steps I took to create the app are here: I'm happy to add any other specific information that is requested.

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Rails needs both the mom and kid variable when using the _path helper. So it should look more like this:

<%= mom_kid_path(, kid) %>

Original answer... misunderstood the question a bit but it has a helpful link:

This is the default behavior for rails, it is not backwards.

You're nested route basically reads, "Each resource mom has a set of sub/nested resources named kids".

This page is a great resource.. I've linked to the nested routes section so maybe it can help clear this issue up for you. Rails Routing

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I'm not saying the objects are the wrong way round. /moms/n/kids/m is correct. I'm saying the ids are the wrong way round: the mom's id in the database is 1, the kid's is 2 but the path is /moms/2/kids/1. I've clarified this in the question - thanks for your input. – Dominic Sayers Sep 7 '11 at 17:13
Ahh gotcha. I believe you have to pass both the mom and the kid into that method. Can you try mom_kid_path(mom,kid) ? instead of just passing in kid? – Msencenb Sep 7 '11 at 17:57
Msencenb, you are the man. In fact I needed mom_kid_path(, kid) because there was no mom variable available - if you add an answer to this effect I'll accept it. – Dominic Sayers Sep 7 '11 at 18:02
Glad its fixed! I've edited the answer above to reflect how you fixed it :) – Msencenb Sep 7 '11 at 18:44

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