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I need to authenticate to flickr in order to upload a photo. I am using the flickraw gem but can't grasp the instructions below:

require 'flickraw'

FlickRaw.api_key="... Your API key ..."
FlickRaw.shared_secret="... Your shared secret ..."

token = flickr.get_request_token(:perms => 'delete')
auth_url = token['oauth_authorize_url']

puts "Open this url in your process to complete the authication process : #{auth_url}"
puts "Copy here the number given when you complete the process."
verify = gets.strip

  flickr.get_access_token(token['oauth_token'], token['oauth_token_secret'], verify)
  login = flickr.test.login
  puts "You are now authenticated as #{login.username}"
rescue FlickRaw::FailedResponse => e
  puts "Authentication failed : #{e.msg}"

Is anybody able to elaborate on this, I would need to know where this code should be put. Thanks.

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First , you should open http service

 rails server 

On the Console , you will see

Open this url in your process to complete the authication process : http://xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx........

you have to copy the url and post it on your browser.

After log in , you will get a number , like


just copy it onto your console!

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  1. Create a new Flickr app. Get the api key and shared secret from there.
  2. "flickr.get_request_token" creates a request oauth token from flickr. You might want to set permissions to :write if you want to upload instead of :delete
  3. auth_url is where you have to redirect to. That url also contains the oauth request tokens that you just created.
  4. Once you are in auth_url page ( for this you have to login to your Yahoo! account), you can authorize your app to access your flickr account. This gives a verification id.
  5. Use that verification id to you can get the oauth access tokens using this method call 'flickr.get_access_token'
  6. Once you have the Oauth access tokens, you could do any api queries on flickr that your :perms would allow.

The entire process is described in detail here - http://www.flickr.com/services/api/auth.oauth.html

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I submitted a pull request but here is an updated form of the documentation that should make this more clear

 == Simple

+#Place near the top of your controller i.e. underneath FlickrController < ApplicationController
  require 'flickraw'

+#Create an initializer file i.e. Flickr.rb and place it in config -> initializers folder
  FlickRaw.api_key="... Your API key ..."
  FlickRaw.shared_secret="... Your shared secret ..."

+#Examples of how the methods work
  list   = flickr.photos.getRecent

  id     = list[0].id
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