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I'm looking for a tool or some way of exporting facebook insights data for my pages in a way that i can automate it. Specifically I'd like to create a scheduled task that runs daily that can save a csv or excel file of a pages insights data using a facebook api. I would then have an ETL job that puts that data into a database.

I checked out the odata service for excel, which appears to be broken. Does anyone know of a way to automate the export of insights data for facebook pages?

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You would need to write something that uses the Insights part of the Facebook Graph API. I haven't seen something already written for this.

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Well if you come across something that does this, please let me know! –  Jimmy C Sep 13 '11 at 16:18

It's possible and not too complicated once you know how to access the insights.

Here is how I proceed:

  • Login the user with the offline_access and read_insights. read_insights allows me to access the insights for all the pages and applications the user is admin of. offline_access gives me a permanent token that I can use to update the insights without having to wait for the user to login.
  • Retrieve the list of pages and applications the user is admin of, and store those in database.
  • When I want to get the insights for a page or application, I don't query FQL, I query the Graph API: First I calculate how many queries to graph.facebook.com/[object_id]/insights are necessary, according to the date range chosen. Then I generate a query to use with the Batch API (http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/api/batch/). That allows me to get all the data for all the available insights, for all the days in the date range, in only one query.
  • I parse the rather huge json object obtained (which weight a few Mb, be aware of that) and store everything in database.
  • Now that you have all the insights parsed and stored in database, you're just a few SQL queries away from manipulating the data the way you want, like displaying charts, or exporting in CSV or Excel format.

I have the code already made (and published as a temporarily free tool on www.social-insights.net), so exporting to excel would be quite fast and easy.

Let me know if I can help you with that. It can be done before the week-end.

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Facebook provides "Post Level Data" in excel format via the Dashboard. Can this be automated. Did anybody ever do this? –  Dilip.m Dec 27 '13 at 16:09

While technically accurate that's not exactly a user friendly way of getting the data. We've built a connection with the Facebook API to suck in various commonly used insights data points into Excel. We have an automation process layer that sits within our system and although it's not working completely autonomously with FB data right now we're building a workaround for the time being. This means that all you'd need to do each time is click a button to get the data where you want to after an initial setup stage.

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Check out http://megalytic.com. This is a service that exports FB Insights (along with Google Analytics, Twitter, and some others) to Excel.

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A new tool is available: the Analytics Edge add-ins now have a Facebook connector that makes downloads a snap. http://www.analyticsedge.com/facebook-connector/

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