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i see everyone using this:


when i do this, its error is:

Class 'Doctrine_Manager' not found

how do i load this ?so that i can start get instances from doctrine manager?

i want to load this:

$con = Doctrine_Manager::getInstance()->connection();
$st = $con->execute("...............");

$result = $st->fetchAll();

where can autoload this , so i can call the getInstance() function from anywhere?


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Are you using Doctrine 2 itself ? Noway for Doctrine2 is using namespace and not the namespace as Doctrine_Manager . This seems to 1.2 or 1.X –  Hari K T Sep 7 '11 at 17:29

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Doctrine_Manager is part of version 1.2, not 2. If you are actually using 1.2, you need to let the autoloader know to load classes under the Doctrine_ prefix.

To do so, add this to your application configuration file...

autoloaderNamespaces.Doctrine = "Doctrine_"

You also need to ensure the doctrine classes can be found on the include path. If they aren't in your "library" folder or otherwise part of the include_path directive, add this...

includePaths.Doctrine = "/path/to/Doctrine-1.2/lib"
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I think you might be looking for the EntityManager?

If so, here you can find a tutorial how to configure.

Also there is a library call Bisna for integrating ZF+Doctrine2, here is a good tutorial video for configuring it

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