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Can you please help me out in resolving this issue...

    Calendar schedCalendar = Calendar.getInstance();
    schedCalendar.set(nYear, nMonth, nDay, nHour,nMinute,0);

    Intent myIntent = new Intent(this,SMSService.class);
    PendingIntent pendingIntent =   PendingIntent.getService(this,0,myIntent,PendingIntent.FLAG_ONE_SHOT);

    long interval = (schedCalendar.getTimeInMillis()-Calendar.getInstance().getTimeInMillis());

Once i set the alarm.... registered service is not getting started.

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Have you adjusted the time so that it is UTC? You need to do this when using RTC_WAKEUP for the alarm type. –  Squonk Sep 7 '11 at 17:45
Time shown in emulator is proper....should i set the time even then?? Can you please tell me how to adjust the time to UTC ........ –  user3072848 Sep 8 '11 at 5:03
Example - if you live in a time-zone which is +0400 from GMT (UTC) you will need to subtract 4 hours from the local time when you need the alarm to trigger. Also if your locale is also using daylight savings (example +1 hour) you will need to subtract another hour. –  Squonk Sep 8 '11 at 5:23

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