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I get an invalid byte sequence in UTF-8 error when running a migration with rake in ruby on rails (version 3.1).

The code for my migration can be found below.


class ChangePhoneToString < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def up
    remove_column :restaurants, :phone
    remove_column :restaurants, :price 
    add_column    :restaurants, :phone, :string
    add_column    :restaurants, :price, :string


  def down
    remove_column :restaurants, :phone
    remove_column :restaurants, :price
    add_column    :restaurants, :phone, :integer
    add_column    :restaurants, :price, :integer
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There is slight change in the migration file in rails 3.1. Currently remove_column is not supported in rails 3.1 Please read the rail 3.1 migration documentation here

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Is this still valid? The migration documentation mentions remove_column as a valid command. I've used it with previous migrations. I'm getting the same error, however as above- possibly for other reasons. –  YWCA Hello Jan 20 '12 at 21:47

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