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I'm using a ViewAnimator (parent class of ViewFlipper) to make some kind of interactive book. The hierarchy is roughly like this:

  <include layout="@layout/p0" />
  <include layout="@layout/p1" />
  <include layout="@layout/p2" />

So the pages of the book are inside the ViewAnimator. Each page has a FrameLayout with multiple layers of animated ImageViews, TextViews, Buttons... which turned out to be too much. Displaying a new page of the book via viewAnimator.showNext() can take seconds. All that time is spent in ImageView.onDraw() -Traceview.

-Will any layout alternative to ViewAnimator (ViewPager, other implementations of ViewGroup...) improve anything?

-Is there any way to preload the views a ViewFlipper/ViewAnimator/other will show next? (so that the next page of the book is always ready and happy in memory)

-Should I use Canvas or GLSurfaceView? (cannot use the animation framework)

I'm stuck... can you help?

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I’m trying to use ViewFlipper to mimic the behavior of Panorama Control in Windows Phone and there is the same issue (slow view flipping). How to improve ViewFlipper view switching? – anonim May 19 '12 at 23:56

I can't answer all your questions, but I'll give you what I know since it is better than the lack of other answers. :P

ViewPagers load the views on either side by default. This speeds the switch, but might slow the view that is currently open. The number of preloaded views on a viewpager can be set using one of its methods.

If you don't want a ViewPager, you might try actually instantiating the views you want preloaded yourself, and simply setting them to invisible.

I am not experienced with the canvas or GL besides map overlays, but I expect that they COULD be much quicker/responsive/efficient if properly implemented since you wouldn't have any unneeded functionality. Might be messy though, depending on the source of your content.

RECOMMENDATION: Try the ViewPager, it is made for implementations like yours. If you are unsatisfied with it, roll up your sleeves and check into canvas stuff.

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To improve the performance of the ViewFlipper, you can set


in the xml. This is normally set to false for FrameLayout, but ViewAnimator enables it by default for some reason.

Setting it to false solved a very strange lag-issue for me.

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...very true. Thanks for the eye opener – Yinka Adediji Nov 30 '15 at 4:48

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