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I was trying to send 4 paragraphs to a .swf element. I have no idea how to what to do. I tried using FlashVars but I feel like i need to drop in some actionscript to be able to work with the vars

conceptsNdisciplinesPar=(some text)&cultures&countriesPar=(some text) etc...

Is there an easy way to get access to this text in my .swf?

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If you are successfully embedding the flash vars into your HTML embed, then yes, you can access those values from within the SWF:

for (var flashVar:String in stage.loaderInfo.parameters)

Note, you'll need a reference to the stage for this to work. It's usually always available, but I have sometimes run into situations where my SWF needs to listen for the Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE event before using the above code.

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ExternalInterface.callBack; is the best way to send data from html to .swf.

for more to know about externalInterface click here.

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