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There are many free online services which provides you with large spaces to store your personal materials, mails, etc. But is there any place that can let us host our code - which keeps the change history?

Google Code or SourceForge may not be a ideal place because it requires creating a project which is specific and useful to others, while what I want is a place to hold any kind of code which I think is useful but may not be for anybody else.

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I believe it is safer and more convenient to access from multiple places, ie, office and home – Baiyan Huang Apr 9 '09 at 12:24
I think the word you are looking for is "private". – OscarRyz Jun 1 '09 at 17:29
Hosting it online not only makes it more accessible, but should something happen to your hard drive you won't all your work. – Johannes Apr 9 '12 at 17:14

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You can get free GIT and SVN hosting at unfuddle.com

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It's free for 14 days: unfuddle.com/stack – 10basetom Jan 13 '15 at 17:41

It's all about Github. 300 MB repository for free. Nice interface, easy to use. Plus we all know GIT > SVN :)

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The help of GitHub states, that there aren't "any set disk space quotas". The 300 MB limit also was a soft limit. – Bengt Sep 9 '12 at 10:34

BitBucket allow for public and private Mercurial repositories.

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Github has Gists that might work for you. Also, Snipplr.

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Awesome link for Gists.. thanks :) – Quakeboy Apr 4 '11 at 7:02

http://codeplex.com is where MS provides open source source control via Team Foundation Server.

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projectlocker is also a good alternative for free Subversion, Git hosting..

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You can also get free, private SVN hosting at http://beanstalkapp.com/. Their 100MB package is free.

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Google Code link.

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How about http://cvsdude.com/ which paid or http://xp-dev.com/ which is free.

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come on guys don't you see that he is interest only in hosting online some fragments of code like some functions etc not full projects and also not public but private. Of course it is possible with each and every solution you all said in your posts but it is not exactly what he was looking for . You all replied like spammers and is that's funny

So why don't you just use http://gist.github.com/

as someone already mentioned

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Thanks. That is just what I was looking for. – Jive Dadson Oct 5 '12 at 14:31

You can host private projects on DevjaVu is you want to use Subversion.

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CVSDude does free 2M subversion repository, you can also use CVS if you pay.

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Paying for CVS over SVN seems a bit.. backwards – dbr Jun 1 '09 at 17:32
true, but we don't always get to choose out tools – MrTelly Jun 4 '09 at 2:12

I've used http://planetsourcecode.com/ to store all sorts of bits of code. Users even upload entire applications.

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There are even online code editors available (well, a kind of, that project is still in the development phase).

Linky: https://bespin.mozilla.com/

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I've used CodeSpaces for over a year now and never had a problem. I'm a new user so I apparently can't post links...

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There are plenty of answers already submitted which are suited to hosting full-fledged applications so I won't bother adding to the list but if you're looking at hosting smaller things (code snippets, simpler projects) with revision history you could consider using a wiki?

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I know this was posted 4 years ago, but you could always just sign up on Pastebin and have private source code there.

Pastebin has been around since 2002 and is currently "the #1 paste tool". It supports a number of syntaxes (including C++, C, Ruby, and Java. Full list on site.)


Their PRO plan is only $2.95 USD for one month or $1.99 USD/mo if you purchase for a full year. You can find out more on the limits of free vs Pro here.

Edit 2;

If nothing else, sign up for Dropbox, SkyDrive, or Mediafire and upload your files there.

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Team Services has free, private, unlimited, Git repos for version control. You also get integrated bug and work item tracking, enterprise Agile tools for DevOps, like backlogs and Kanban boards, automated build, test, and release plus other team capabilities to build and ship apps.

You can connect with Xcode, Eclipse, IntelliJ, Android Studio, Visual Studio, or any dev tool you like.

Team Services is free for the first 5 users with Basic access, plus unlimited stakeholders working on the backlog, and Visual Studio subscribers. Here's how to get started with Team Services.

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