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I have an android rating bar in my app, and it only displays int ratings.

For example:

float ratingValue = 1.5f;

and the ratingbar displays 2 full stars. How can I make it display one and a half stars, or two and a half?

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try to use

float ratingValue = 1.5f;
myRatingBar.setRating(ratingValue); // to set rating value
myRatingBar.setStepSize(ratingValue);// to show to stars

public void setStepSize (float stepSize)

Sets the step size (granularity) of this rating bar. Parameters

stepSize The step size of this rating bar. For example, if half-star granularity is wanted, this would be 0.5.

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I think you mean myRatingBar.setStepSize(0.5f); – mskfisher Jun 14 '12 at 18:01

add style="?android:attr/ratingBarStyle" to your xml

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