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I'm wondering if folks can tell me how trouble free CSS3PIE is for IE6 - IE8 (beyond the known issues). It seems like an excellent addition to allow one to use CSS3 features -- rounded corners, gradients, shadows, etc -- I just have limited time to invest into investigating stability / errors.


P.S. Does it turn off automatically in browsers that support CSS3?

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It has worked perfectly for me and it only affects IE so you dont have to worry about the other browsers.

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Don't worry it's transparent. The only "real" problem I've been having was with opacity transitions in ie8 : In order to make a div fade out, you need to apply this css definition to every child element :

filter: inherit

Problem is it doesn't seem to work on the shape elements css3pie generates with css only. I had to modify the minified .htc file as folows : look for the second occurance of "shape" in the script. It's in a function called 'Aa'. After this statement:


you can add:"inherit";

This clearly is a hack but it works great! It is just for IE8. IE7 deals with transparency differently (

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