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Does anyone know of any APIs available for Microsoft's Zune application? I want to modify the ratings of the songs that are loaded in Zune without having to open the Zune app. There is a ZuneStore.sdf database sitting in my AppData folder, but I cannot open it in Microsoft SQL Management Studio as it looks to be a special format. Surely there must be some way to modify this data?

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I can open the Zune database in SSMS 2008, but it is not in a standard SQL Compact format, so cannot run any queries against it. Consider it to be in a proprietary, undocumented, protected format.

So I guess not.

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This is so annoying as Microsoft is normally good to at least provide some rudimentary form of API or access. –  Dylan Sep 7 '11 at 19:26
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This is the closet I have found to an API. It controls the Zune player. Going to see what I can do with this.


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