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I want to get a resource value from my .resx file that is NOT stored in the local resource folder.

How can I do this?

I am currently using the strongly typed file that is generated, but in this case I can't use the strongly typed as I am building the key (which is a string) in a loop dynamically.

GetLocalResourceObject doesn't seem to work as it only seems to look for the resource file in a specific location.

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You can pass a path to when using GetLocalResourceObject. Bare in mind you may hit problems if the external source is not get compiled.

 HttpContext.GetLocalResourceObject("~/Views/SomeView/Index.cshtml", "Prop");

This expects a resx file at the following location.


You can also precompile resx resources and create a custom provider to locate them.

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You can extend the ResourceManager like the StringsResourceManager used in the article .NET String Resources.

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