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How can I generate a query_set through a related model?

For example, how can I do this:

UserProfile.objects.filter(user.is_active=True) # Can't use user.is_active to filter

Trivial question, trivial answer. But I'll keep it here for posterity's sake.

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i am glad you did! who reads docs these days, easier to come to SO! –  bharal May 22 '12 at 14:34

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This is well documented in the Django docs.

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Yes, I just found it. Thanks. Spanning Relationships –  Brian D Sep 7 '11 at 19:40

From the Django documention

Django offers a powerful and intuitive way to "follow" relationships in lookups, taking care of the SQL JOINs for you automatically, behind the scenes. To span a relationship, just use the field name of related fields across models, separated by double underscores, until you get to the field you want.

In your example this would be:

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The easiest way to follow a relationship is to use a simple "__".


These can be changed together as well (ie user_parent_email='abc@def.com')

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