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I'm using jQuery mobile, and am using a home button in the header. When clicked, the home button has a blue highlight. I want to get rid of this, but can't seem to track down the CSS rule/-webkit CSS rule to do this.


enter image description here

Can anyone help?

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Unfortunately there haven't been enough acceptable answers to my questions. – steve_c Sep 7 '11 at 21:12

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In jQuery Mobile the class added to buttons just pressed is: ui-btn-active. Here is a link to the documentation that talks about this class (although it doesn't say much):

Not sure if this is what you needed but I figured it might help. I'd recommend using FireBug or some such DOM Inspection tool to view the button in real-time.

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You sure that's not just the default hi-light that links get when focused?


    border: none;
    outline: 0;
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An idea to help you track the problem as you don't share the link (you can easily just share the first page), is to use Safari, Chrome or even Firefox and make them act as an iPhone so you can use their Inspector / Firebug to track the problem

Firefox has a Agent User Switcher that you can easily make use in order to the browser be intrepertate as an iPhone

enter image description here

Chrome has it as well just add the User Agent string in the Extension options to create a new option

Safari 5 is the easiest one as this is already built in:

  1. Open Safari and go to the Preferences, move to Advanced. At the bottom of the tab there is a check box for Show Develop menu in menu bar.

  2. Go to the Develop menu and move to User Agent and select any iOS device.

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