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I'm integrating a button that will launch the Evernote Bookmarklet in my project. The code for the bookmarklet is:

javascript:(function() {
                    var x=document.createElement('SCRIPT');
                    x.src=EN_CLIP_HOST+'/public/bookmarkClipper.js?'+ (new Date().getTime()/100000);                                                                                                
                }catch(e) {     

The code is called with an onClick event on a HTML link. My problem is what is the best way to strip off the styling for when the Evernote clips it and saves it? So that it readable?

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Stripping the styling is never safe and never will be. If Evernote changes its response, your code will probably break.

You should take a look at their API instead.

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Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it. I'll definitely take a look at their API. Thanks! –  listao Sep 7 '11 at 23:19
@leetou If this answer is suitable for you, please click accept the answer. I am writing this, because I assume you are a new user :) –  Mustafa Sep 9 '11 at 20:29

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