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I have two separate PostgreSQL count queries that I would like to output as one combined report. I have done a little bit of research into this and found that it could be done through a stored procedure, but I am not sure how I should go about doing this (I'm fairly new to Postgres programming).

Both of the queries are returning counts.

Any insight into this would be much appreciated!

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Do you want each count returned as a column, or as a row? – cdhowie Sep 7 '11 at 20:14

You don't even need a stored procedure for this. You can just make one big query:

SELECT a.a_count, b.b_count FROM
  (SELECT COUNT(*) a_count FROM table_a) AS a,
  (SELECT COUNT(*) b_count FROM table_b) AS b;
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I don't believe PostgreSQL has stored procedures, only functions. However, you could do what you're talking about with a FUNCTION.

CREATE FUNCTION getQtyOrders(customerID int) RETURNS int AS $$
qty int;
FROM Orders
WHERE accnum = customerID;
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