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I have a page with linqdatasource and a gridView. There are several textBoxes to enter search conditions. LinqDataSource_OnSelecting event filters the query by something like this:

var query = from d in db.PersonData 
            select d;

if (textBoxName.Text != "")
    var query = query.where(p => p == textBoxName.Text); 

if (textBoxPhone.Text != "")
    var query = query.where(p => p == textBoxPhone.Text); 

e.Result = query;

And btnSearch_Click event has the following code:


It works pretty good most times, but sometimes I have to click search button twice to see the results. First time I click search, gridView is empty! Second time I have correct results. Hope you will clarify why it is sometimes goes that way. Thanks!

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Have you confirmed that your button event is firing the first time you click? Is there an error you are catching somewhere? – Hammerstein Sep 7 '11 at 20:32
There is no any error. The thing I dont understand is that most times search works as required. In fact I have the similiar problem like this:link but there is no solution to my problem on this site. – Saibot Sep 7 '11 at 20:39

if you binding Gridview-Datasource manually and not use dataset you must always bind Gridview-Datasource in page load.

In web ( it's not like Win-app, you can't bind Datasource to grid without Page-Load event.

As solution: you can use Updatepanle and put Your Grid in that. and use GridName.DataBind() after binding.

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The most likely reason you're getting blanks only, sometimes, is that you are on a page beyond which the search will yield results.

E.g.: you're on page 10 of the unfiltered results, hit Search, and get only 5 pages' worth of results. Thus, the page you're currently viewing (10) is blank.

After the LINQ statement has completed, you need to reset the GridView back to the first page.

A second (possible) problem is that you cannot guarantee the order of all event handlers. (See Page Life Cycle.) I.e., you cannot count on either LinqDataSource_OnSelecting or btnSearch_Click firing first, and you have the DataBind in the Click handler. Eliminate the btnSearch_Click event handler (or leave it blank) and use LinqDataSource.OnSelected, instead, which will definitely fire after LinqDataSource.OnSelecting:

protected void LinqDataSource_Selected(object sender, LinqDataSourceStatusEventArgs e) {
  gridView.PageIndex = 0;  // back to beginning when searching
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