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I'm using the Zend Framework (php) and I'm trying to retrieve a list of the most recent videos uploaded by all of the users I subscribe to. Similar to what you would see if you visit your Subscriptions page on

I can make a request using getSubscriptionFeed() for all the users I subscribe to. Then I can iterate through each one and make a request for getUserUploads() then pop off the first item, but it takes forever and seems like a lot of unnecessary work. There must be a single query I can make with all of the user names I want to find.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Howie

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In case anyone is interested:

The most recent version of the Zend Framework (1.11.10) does not include the all-important method to retrieve the newest videos from your subscriptions as documented here on google's site.

So I simply added:

 * Retrieves a feed of a user's subscriptions
 * @param string $user (optional) The username of interest
 * @param mixed $location (optional) The URL to query or a
 *         Zend_Gdata_Query object from which a URL can be determined
 * @return Zend_Gdata_YouTube_VideoFeed The newest video for each subscription
public function getNewSubscriptionVideos($user = null, $location = null)
    if ($user !== null) {
        $uri = self::USER_URI . '/' . $user . '/newsubscriptionvideos';
    } else if ($location instanceof Zend_Gdata_Query) {
        $uri = $location->getQueryUrl();
    } else {
        $uri = $location;
    return parent::getFeed($uri, 'Zend_Gdata_YouTube_VideoFeed');

to the YouTube.php document in the Zend/GData directory on line 561 (after the getSubscriptionFeed method).

Now I can call getNewSubscriptionVideos method and pass it a username or 'default' and it will return an array of VideoEntities that can be accessed using:

$raw_new_subscription_videos = $_youtube->getNewSubscriptionVideos($username);

foreach ($raw_new_subscription_videos as $video)
  $title = $video->getVideoTitle();

  // etc.

Hope this helps anyone else who is as lost as I was for the past few hours.


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It is usually inadvisable to directly modify lib files - "hacking the core" - like those in the ZF lib; makes upgrading a problem as the new version won't have your modifications. Better is to create your own class - something like My_Gdata_YouTube extends Zend_Gdata_YouTube - and add your new method there. And then, as a cherry on top, maybe submit an issue for the omitted functionality and then contribute a patch back to the ZF project itself. ;-) – David Weinraub Sep 8 '11 at 5:53
thats a great idea - didn't even cross my mind - i was so excited that the code I added worked. I'll do that. – Ward Sep 8 '11 at 14:37

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