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I am told that I need to convert the following .sh file to a .bat file. I have absolutely no idea how to do that, can anyone give me some hints? It is a short code. Here it is:


#enables execution from another directory

java -cp $p/bin ;$p/../pdfXtk-Extras/jar/pdfxtk-extras.jar ;$p/../pdfXtk-GUI/jar/pdfxtk-gui.jar ;$p/../pdfXtk/jar/pdfxtk-backend.jar ;$p/../pdfXtk/lib/commons-collections-3.1.jar ;$p/../pdfXtk/lib/commons-logging.jar ;$p/../pdfXtk/lib/fontbox-1.1.0.jar ;$p/../pdfXtk/lib/jai_codec.jar ;$p/../pdfXtk/lib/jai_core.jar ;$p/../pdfXtk/lib/jai_imageio.jar ;$p/../pdfXtk/lib/log4j-1.2.14.jar ;$p/../pdfXtk/lib/pdfbox-1.1.0.jar ;$p/../TouchGraph-Modified/jar/touchgraph-modified.jar ;$p/../TouchGraph-Modified/lib/TGWikiBrowser.jar ;$p/../pdfXtk/lib/xercesImpl.jar ;$p/../pdfXtk-Extras/lib/JavaOCR.jar "$@"
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You mean a Windows batch file, right? If so, you should specify that in your question.

I don't have a complete answer, but I can give a few syntax tips.

p=. should be changed to set p=..

$p should be changed to %p%.

To execute multiple commands on a line, separate them with & rather than ; (or, better yet, just write one command per line).

Windows uses \ rather than / as a directory separator.

The files are probably going to be in different locations, if they exist at all. This assumes you're taking a .sh file from a Unix-like system and creating a .bat file for a Windows system. If they're both the same system (probably because you're using Cygwin), you should mention that as well.

There is no straightforward way to translate a shell script to a batch file. They're going to be running on different systems. If you have no idea how to do it, your best bet is to find someone who does.

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Some more tips:

Lines starting with # are comments. Use rem in the batch file.

The token for all command line arguments %@ must be replaced with %* for the batch file.

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