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refer to this question:

Get count of items and their values in one column

how I can get percent of record count in single query like this:

ItemId        count          Percent
   1            2              33.3
   2            0                0
   3            1              16.6
   4            3              50.0            


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Something like the solution in this SO post should help you calculate the percentage. –  JW8 Sep 7 '11 at 20:42

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COUNT(*) OVER() gives you the total count.

Edit But actually you need SUM(COUNT(MyTbl.ItemID)) OVER() as you are summing the values in that column.

SELECT Items.ItemID,
       [count] = COUNT(MyTbl.ItemID),
       [Percent] = 100.0 * COUNT(MyTbl.ItemID) / SUM(COUNT(MyTbl.ItemID)) OVER()
FROM   (VALUES (1,'N1'),
               (4,'N5')) Items(ItemID, ItemName)
       LEFT JOIN (VALUES(1),
                        (4)) MyTbl(ItemID)
         ON ( MyTbl.ItemID = Items.ItemID )
GROUP  BY Items.ItemID
ORDER  BY Items.ItemID  
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+1 I just learned something new. –  Joe Stefanelli Sep 7 '11 at 20:47
+1 I'd never seen that trick before –  Lamak Sep 7 '11 at 21:06
    count(*) as count,
    cast(count(*) as decimal) / (select count(*) from myTable) as Percent 
from myTable
group by ItemId
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SELECT a.itemid
       , count(a.itemid) as [count]
       , ((cast(count(a.itemid) as decimal) / t.total) * 100) as percentage
FROM table1 as a
INNER JOIN (SELECT count(*) as total FROM table1) as t ON (1=1)
GROUP BY a.item_id, t.total
ORDER BY a.item_id
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SELECT a.itemid, 
    count(a,itemid) as [count], 
    100.00 * (count(a.itemid)/(Select sum(count(*) FROM myTable)) as [Percentage]
 FROM myTable
    Group by a.itemid 
    Order by a.itemid
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All code answers are not allowed responses. –  Tristan Wiley May 20 at 1:13

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