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I currently have a group of webapps which all use CAS for Authentication. CAS is backed by an LDAP Identity store. What I would like to do is allow uses to sign in using an OpenId provider. Is it possible for CAS to create an authentication context off an OpenId Identity?

I have seen the CAS has some support for OpenId but the documentation is light.

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That's of course possible and used quite often. In the company I'm working for we used exactly the approach from the documentation to get it up and running

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This answer is talking about using CAS as an OpenId provider. The question is how to use CAS as an OpenId client/gateway. –  Adam Franco Feb 17 at 18:48
So what he's looking for is something like that wiki.jasig.org/display/CASUM/… –  Hons Feb 18 at 17:24

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