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in my windows phone 7 app i added a Web Service with "Add service reference". The webservice i want to use excepts some custom soap headers.

How can i add custom headers to to this Service reference?

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The WCF Client API is limited on WP7 and I had to go the manual way: Create the HttpWebRequest by hand, set my headers and do all the SOAP stuff on my own.

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Custom SOAP headers can be added using the OperationContextScope as follows:

var client = new MySerivceClient();
using (OperationContextScope contextScope = new OperationContextScope(client.InnerChannel))
                            "", new MyHeader()
                                             Value = "ABCDEFG"

See http://cisforcoder.wordpress.com/2010/12/01/how-to-implement-basic-http-authentication-in-wcf-on-windows-phone-7/ for an example.

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