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CodeVariableDeclarationStatement hashTableParam = new CodeVariableDeclarationStatement();
            hashTableParam.Name = "hashtable";
            hashTableParam.Type = new CodeTypeReference(typeof(System.Collections.Hashtable));

In the above code i tried to do a basic declaration for hashTable. Now i need to added values to the hash table(key,value).


i.e how can i generate such code to add keys and values to HashTable programatically using codeDom

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There is probably a way to do this that is more CodeDom oriented, which would allow for easier cross language support, but this will work

Assuming you already have a class created and a method, create a new CodeSnippetExpression and put the code you want in it, and then add that to your method body.

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Why the downvotE? this exactly answers the user's question? – Jason Coyne Apr 10 '09 at 16:55

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