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I want my javadoc to reference a dev manual that is on my intranet. I would like to know how to do this: I tried using see {@link http://json.org} but this just produced http://json.org and not a hypertext link. Let's say I wanted to point to some wiki page inside the javadoc. How can I do this? I am just trying to have link to external website. So I want something like Example as hypertext link and it points to a full URL to website.

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{@link} and {@linkplain} are specifically used to link to other javadoc.

To link to a plain web page you can simply use an HTML link:

* @see <a href="http://json.org/">The JSON site</a>
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* some text <a href="https://www.example1.com">some in text link</a>
* @see <a href="https://www.example2.com">some other link</a>
public void someFunction() {}

will be displayed as

public void someFunction()
some text [some in text link][1]

**See also**
[some other link][2]
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