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SCons provides env.Command which should theoretically be able to invoke ./configure and make on a Makefile project. However, my understanding is that the Makefile project folder would first have to be copied into SCons' build directory, since the build process should not be changing anything in the source tree. How can this be done?

I guess what I'm looking for is something like this:

env.Command('lib/moo/Makefile', '', [Copy('BUILD_DIR/lib/moo', 'SOURCE_DIR/lib/moo', 'cd BUILD_DIR/lib/moo', './configure'])

Although I suspect there is a better way of doing this. Also, what would go in place of BUILD_DIR and SOURCE_DIR in the above command?

Thanks :-)

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There are couples of recipes for this on the SCons Wiki. Maybe one of them will be good enough for your needs:

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