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I am trying to read strings off a table in the database and use them as titles in panels inside an accordion panel. In short the number of panels inside the accordion can change dynamically.

Here is a gist of what i tried - I get the names from the table with an endpoint in my Ruby class. The returned data contains a string for the client JS function (named addPanel) which is called to add the Panel inside the accordion.

The code executes as i expected but the panels inside the accordion do not show up.

My suspicion is that the rendering is happening before the items get into the accordion.

If i hard code the addition - via class_name.items.add(new Ext.panel.Panel({:title "My panel"}) ) inside the initComponent then i can see the panel titled "My panel" inside the accordion.

Let me know if this is the correct way to approach the problem?


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Do you need the accordion panes to be Netzke components? If not, then you could try out something like:

 def configuration #:nodoc:
       # ...

       :items =>{|item| {:item => item.title}}

Briefly, you just provide your class with the dynamic items configuration (taken from the model).

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Thanks!! that worked! –  CadJunkie Sep 10 '11 at 3:20

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