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I am writing a Windows Phone app that will get a set of data from a server and display each entry in a list box.

The data comes from the server looking like this

  "data": [
      "value1": 777103069782066, 
      "value2": "SomeString", 
      "value3": "TextToDisplay1"
      "value1": 750050696652932, 
      "value2": "SomeString2", 
      "value3": "TextToDisplay2"
      "value1": 516092242936133, 
      "value2": "SomeString3", 
      "value3": "TextToDisplay3"

Then I deserialize the data like this

Dictionary<string, object> values = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<Dictionary<string, object>>(json);

The problem is that all my values get mashed into one dictionary entry

Could someone tell me what I am doing wrong?


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Your JSON consists of an object with an array of dictionaries. If you're deserializing the entire JSON string I suspect you're getting a dictionary with only one entry with the key "data". Since there are multiple nested dictionaries, do you want to obtain all of them or just one? – BoltClock Sep 8 '11 at 1:46

Dictionary<string,object> are supposed to have a unique key per value, in your example, all the items have the same keys (value1,value2,value3). That's why all your values get mashed into one dictionary entry.

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It appears that you are unintentionally making a dictionary containing one object by the key "data" containing a single object, which is a list of dictionaries?

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