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There is an example of how to modify SortableBindingList to use a stable sort. However, there is an updated version of SortableBindingList. What is the best way to modify this new version to use a stable sort? I think I would want a flag on the SortableBindingList to let the user of the SortableBindingList decide if they want to use (slower) stable sort or (faster) default sort.


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You can solve this problem by writing a stable sort extension method for List<T>:

public static class ListExtensions
    public static void StableSort<T>(this List<T> list, IComparer<T> comparer)
        var pairs = list.Select((value, index) => Tuple.Create(value, index)).ToList();
        pairs.Sort((x, y) =>
                int result = comparer.Compare(x.Item1, y.Item1);
                return result != 0 ? result : x.Item2 - y.Item2;
        list.AddRange(pairs.Select(key => key.Item1));

and then in the new version of SortableBindingList change this line:




This works by using the unstable sort supplemented with a secondary key on the item index within the list. Since this version doesn't use the pathologically slow insertion sort to achieve a stable sort, it should be fast enough for general use.

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Fantastic, thank you. –  Jimmy Sep 8 '11 at 15:23

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