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I am developing a movie theater seats booking website,. I have placed images as Seats in asp:gridview(all cells) using ImageButton. For the selected seat, when the user clicks on it, the ImageButton(cell) is set for that seat.

I need to get the seat that was clicked from the gridview. How am I able to do this?

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does jquery is ok here ? –  Royi Namir May 5 '12 at 7:09
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You can find the ImageButton on the RowCommand event of the grid view.

Code part:

string strType="";
ImageButton img = (ImageButton)e.CommandSource;
strType = img.Attributes["TypeID"].ToString();

Designer part:

<asp:ImageButton ID="imgBtn" runat="server" ImageUrl="image"
 TypeID="..Give your value.." />
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