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I have a page A which opens a javascript window as myWin = window.open(..). Now in another page B in the same domain, when user clicks on a link, I want to check if myWin is available, if yes then bring that window in front, else do a new myWin.

The problem I have is the window.js file in both pages and window.js contains the line

var myWin = null;

Within Page A scope, my logic works and brings window to front. Within Page B it works as well. Howver when I open window in Page A, click on link in Page B, it fails.

It is as if myWin is reset to null in scope of Page B. How can I overcome this problem? Pointers??/

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The popup window is created by page A and only page A contains a reference to that window. When you open page B, there is no way to pass page A's reference to the popup over to page B. This cannot be done.

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You want to call window.open with an empty url, e.g.

var newWindow = window.open('', title, dimension); // title needs to be a constant
if (newWindow.location.href && newWindow.location.href!='about:blank') {
  // Window was already open and points to something
} else {
  // new window make it point to something
  newWindow.location.href = 'http://yoursite';

This assumes that the popup is opening a window within the same site as the calling page, since otherwise you can encounter various permissions issues.

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